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Oil Boiler Replacement Costs

  • Products: intend to spend $2500-$3500 for an average oil-fired boiler. The purchase price is dependent on the caliber of the boiler and how energy-efficient it's.
  • In the event that ductwork in your house is old or dripping, it will cost $35-$55 per linear foot to replace.
  • Labor: Many HVAC installers charge $85-$95 each hour and will put in an oil-fired furnace within 8-12 hours ($680-$1140).

Enhancement and improvement prices

  • A barometric flue 1 damper will help reduce amount of temperature escaping through the chimney. They typically cost $100 or less to install and can lower your power bill by as much as 5percent.
  • A chimney liner can be handy if you are improving to a high-efficiency oil-fired burner. They typically add $800-$1800 towards overall price, but they are effective in retaining heat.
  • A time-relay wait may be included with your boiler system that forces the boiler to use all recurring water before heating up. It costs around $100 but can cut fuel costs by 10per cent.
  • An innovative new increases your costs. Programmable thermostats 2 typical $50-$150, while smart thermostats 2 run around $300 but are said to be even more energy efficient.

Additional considerations and costs

  • Removing and disposing a vintage boiler system can increase your general costs by around $1200.
  • A high-efficiency boiler may be entitled to a tax rebate. Consult your taxation specialist or contractor, once the laws change each year and predicated on place. Oftentimes, you may well be entitled to a $150 rebate.
  • Bigger domiciles or domiciles with additional home heating places need a more powerful boiler, that could boost your total expense.
  • Older domiciles may have when you look at the ductwork, that'll must be eliminated and replaced. Typically, it costs $400-$700 to get rid of asbestos 3 from a 10 ft. element of ductwork and change it with brand new ductwork.
  • Combination central heat and boiler systems (known as "combi") provide your home with two sources of heat, although they are not as common and may not pass inspection in some areas of the U.S. Combi systems cost on average $5000-$8000, plus the regular cost of installation.

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