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Fuel oil boiler efficiency

Oil-fired boilers are a good method for saving money on your residential heating bills. With a high efficiency ratings with a minimum of 85%, these boilers may be probably one of the most efficient how to warm your property.

As frontrunner in warming gear, U.S. Boiler Company manufactures several oil-fired boiler solutions, like the award-winning Burnham MPO-IQ™ 3-pass high effectiveness boiler, and Burnham MegaSteam™, many efficient cast iron residential oil-fired steam-boiler worldwide.

Burnham MPO-IQ™ – among U.S. Boiler Company’s most recent innovations could be the MPO-IQ™ boiler. It features a contemporary design, and is reliable, durable and easy to utilize. With a rating of 87per cent AFUE, the MPO-IQ™ is one of efficient oil-fired boiler in its class.

The MPO-IQ™ is ENERGY STAR®-certified. At its heart tend to be an enhanced 3-pass cast iron temperature exchanger and a well-insulated powder-coated metallic jacket. That is an optimal replacement boiler for houses with present chimneys, but it offers an immediate vent option when a chimney is not offered.

The MPO-IQ’s unique Control program normally best in course. It simplifies boiler operation by combining all the normal boiler security settings, including ignition, into a central control component. An optional LCD touchscreen displays all boiler configurations, diagnostics, and troubleshooting, making it incredibly user friendly. Other IQ Control System choices will residents save yourself an additional 15-20percent annually on energy prices.

High Efficiency Oil Boilers Burnham MegaSteam™ – A U.S. Boiler exclusive, MegaSteam™ is called the very best oil-fired steam boiler available on the market. It achieves 86percent AFUE efficiency with a 3-pass cast iron heat exchanger – alone of their kind on the planet.

If steam boilers seem ineffective simply because they create vapor with a high dampness content, the higher level manufacturing this is certainly included in MegaSteam™ will alter the mind. This boiler creates steam that is 99% dry, a significant benefit in creating efficient steam heat in virtually any application.

We have been so confident in this boiler that we give MegaSteam™ the best guarantee with its course – a 10-year warranty regarding temperature exchanger therefore the industry’s just 5-year warranty on water part corrosion.

Burnham V8H™ – The V8H™ can be so versatile it adapts to heated water or steam-heat programs. Its cast-iron heat exchanger features a surface location that is whenever 40% larger than many competitive models. This means the boiler is able to heat up up faster, with a faster transfer of temperature and higher efficiency.

V8H™ is rated at 85per cent AFUE and has now been a business standard for cast-iron oil-fired boilers for many years. In water versions of boiler, the latest smart Oil Boiler Control continuously monitors every aspect of boiler operation, delivering increased efficiency and impressive energy savings.

You will find that many brand new oil boilers have actually AFUE score between 80per cent and 87per cent, while fuel boilers have greater reviews of 89per cent to 98%. Although fuel boilers are often more effective than oil boilers, they are also typically 10% to 25percent more costly than their particular gas counterparts.

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