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Solar water warming methods usually cost even more to acquire and put in than standard water heating systems. But a solar hot water heater can usually help you save money eventually.

The amount of money you conserve varies according to the following:

  • The total amount of warm water you utilize
  • One's body's performance
  • Your geographic place and solar power resource
  • Readily available financing and incentives
  • The price of conventional fuels (natural gas, oil, and electricity)
  • The expense of the gas you employ for the back-up liquid heating system, for those who have one.

Normally, in the event that you install a solar hot water heater, your water home heating expenses should drop 50%–80per cent. In addition, because sun is no-cost, you are shielded from future fuel shortages and cost hikes.

If you're creating an innovative new house or refinancing, the economics tend to be even more attractive. Including the price of a solar power water heater in a fresh 30-year mortgage typically amounts to between $13 and $20 monthly. The national income-tax deduction for mortgage interest due to the solar power system lowers that by about $3–$5 each month. So if your gas savings tend to be more than $15 every month, the solar investment is profitable straight away. On a monthly basis, you're saving above you are spending.

Determining Energy Efficiency of a Solar Hot Water Heater

Make use of the solar energy factor (SEF) and solar power fraction(SF) to ascertain a solar power water heater's energy savings.

The solar power aspect means the power delivered because of the system divided because of the electrical or gas power placed into the device. The greater the number, the greater energy saving. Solar power elements range from 1.0 to 11. techniques with solar technology factors of two or three are the most typical.

Another solar power water heater overall performance metric is the solar small fraction. The solar power small fraction may be the percentage of the full total standard hot water heating load (delivered power and tank standby losings). The larger the solar small fraction, the more the solar power share to water heating, which reduces the vitality needed because of the backup hot water heater. The solar power fraction differs from 0 to 1.0. Typical solar aspects are 0.5–0.75.

Calculating Annual Running Expense

Before buying a solar liquid home heating, estimate the annual running costs and compare a few systems. This will help you figure out the vitality savings and payback amount of purchasing a far more energy-efficient system, that'll most likely have a greater price.

Before you pick and compare the expense of numerous systems, you should know the machine dimensions necessary for your property.

To approximate the yearly operating cost of a solar water heating system, you may need the annotated following:

  • The system's solar energy aspect (SEF)
  • The additional container gasoline kind (gasoline or electric) and costs (your neighborhood utility can offer present prices).

Then, make use of the following calculations.

With a gas auxiliary container system:

You must know the system cost of gas by Btu (Brit thermal unit) or therm. (1 therm = 100, 000 Btu)

365 × 41, 045 ÷ SEF × gas expense (Btu) = believed yearly price of procedure


365 × 0.4105 ÷ SEF × gasoline expense (therm) = calculated yearly running cost

Sample: presuming the SEF is 1.1 and also the gas expenses $1.10/therm

365 × 0.4105 ÷ 1.1 × $1.10 = $149.83

The power use each day within the preceding equations will be based upon the DOE test procedure for hot-water heaters, which assumes an incoming liquid temperature of 58°F, hot water heat of 135°F, and total warm water production of 64.3 gallons per day, the typical use for a family group of three men and women.

With a power additional container system:

You need to know or convert the machine price of electrical energy by kilowatt-hour (kWh).

365 × 12.03 kWh/day ÷ SEF × Electricity price (kWh)= approximated yearly running cost

Example: Assuming the SEF is 2.0 in addition to electrical energy costs $0.08/kWh

365 X 12.03 ÷ 2.0 X $0.08 = $175.64

Comparing Prices and Deciding Payback

Make use of the dining table and computations below to compare two solar power water heating systems and determine the fee cost savings and payback associated with more energy-efficient system design.

Program Models

System Price


Determined Yearly Running Expense

Program Model A

System Model B (higher SEF)

Additional expense of more cost-effective design
(Model B)

Cost of Program Model B

- Price of Program Model A

= $additional expense of Model B

Estimated yearly working financial savings (System Model B)

Program Model B Annual Working Expense

- System Model An Annual Operating Expense

= $Model B's Cost Benefits Per Year

Payback duration for Model B

$additional expense of Model B/$Model B's Cost Savings each year = Payback period/years


Comparison of two solar water heat designs with electric back-up systems and electrical energy expenses of $0.08/kWh.

$1, 060



System Model B

$1, 145



Additional cost of more effective model
(Model B)

$1, 145-$1, 060 = $85

Estimated yearly operating cost savings (Model B)

$176-$120 = $56 each year

$85/$56 per year = 1.5 years

Other Expenses

When comparing solar liquid heating systems, you should also consider installation and upkeep costs. Some systems might cost even more to install and keep.

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