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Fuel oil heating systems

Lennox Residence Comfort program available for sale

Could it be time for you to transform your oil heat to completely clean burning up gas?

In the event that you answer “Yes” to virtually any of these questions, you owe it to you to ultimately get a transformation estimate from Owens:

  • Do you need to save 40%-50per cent on the power price next heating season?
  • Are you currently contemplating selling your property next 7 many years?
  • Have you got an all-natural gas hot water heater, fuel stove, or fuel garments dryer?
  • Will be your furnace or boiler over twenty years old?
  • Wouldn't it be easier for you in order to make month-to-month gasoline repayments rather than pre-pay the season?
  • Can be your carbon footprint crucial that you you?

The amount of money can I save?

At current rates, your fuel-cost savings alone could buy your Home Comfort program in as little as 5 years. But your cost savings and ROI actually depend on your private use, how complicated making the switch is in your house, and also the future cost of gasoline.

Many efficient gas-burning furnaces can be a little more efficient compared to most effective oil-burning furnaces. Therefore, your power use will be less, but predicting the long term cost of gas is difficult. Most basic fuel is mined in the united states and many believe its prices is much more stable than oil, which can be a worldwide product.

Once your residence features gas solution, you can even transform your various other appliances — particularly your oven, stove, hot water heater, and dryer — to fuel, that will help save you much more over time.

Changing to gasoline offers more than simply an expense advantage. Propane is much more environmentally-friendly and provides a cleaner type of temperature that’s better for the health of your loved ones.

Just how much will the equipment price?

Gas-powered home heating systems cost not so much than comparable oil furnaces and boilers. Increased energy-efficient gasoline furnace will cost between $3, 500 to $5, 500 for gas in contrast to $4, 500 to $10, 000 for oil. Petrol driven warming methods require also never as upkeep helping you save much more yearly.

In the event that you want to offer your house, a high-efficiency gas furnace is a type of element many homebuyers. The investment in switching from oil to fuel will improve the attractiveness of your home, as well as your value.

The other expenses are involved?

If you fail to have a natural fuel range providing your home, you will also have to install an underground pipeline from the gasoline main to your residence. This cost relies on what lengths away your property is from fuel primary. Frequently, the energy company will probably pay for all or section of this expenditure to give you as a fresh customer.

Switching to fuel might need changes to your present furnace chimney. A high-efficiency furnace is normally ventilated through an outside wall surface as opposed to through chimney. If the hot water heater exhausts through the same chimney as the old furnace, a liner might need to be set up so that you can allow the chimney to properly draft.

Lastly, you’ll have to eliminate your old oil system. Most communities in our area need the removal of the old oil container. The cost is dependent on whether your oil tank is above or below ground and accessibility. We could help facilitate your tank treatment.

What does a transformation entail?

In a typical conversion, Owens provides a turn-key set up for you personally. We are going to:

  • Coordinate installing the gas line with the energy, if required
  • Eliminating your old furnace or boiler
  • Change it with a new, high-efficiency fuel furnace or boiler
  • Make all essential connections
  • Inspect and certify
  • Check the draft regarding the old chimney and install liner, if required
  • Eliminate the old oil container

Protect Now with Unique Rebates and Rewards!

Rebates, bonuses can be found in the buy a, high-efficiency Home Comfort program.
CenterPoint Energy Rebates 425.00

Succeed Energy Rebates 550.00

Total Savings Up To $975.00
Plan a totally free, no-obligation assessment with an Owens agent for an estimate and ROI calculation. We'll examine your current furnace, explain to you a range of high-efficiency fuel systems that would be right for your home, determine your savings, and present the rewards and rebates which are now available.

We’ll demonstrate how you can help you save money and energy.

Benefit from the peace of mind understanding your system is operating safely, effectively and reliably with your preventive upkeep system.

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