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Oil heating tank

Current Heating Oil Tank plan started on March 15, 2000. This program permits third party certification of cleanups and decommissionings of warming oil tanks by DEQ licensed providers. Whenever a licensed contractor finishes a cleanup or decommissioning, the business submits a certification to DEQ. DEQ will issue a letter toward container owner registering the contractor's official certification. The blend associated with the contractor's official certification and DEQ's registration is the same as the "no more Action" letter that DEQ familiar with issue.

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The HOT plan manages dilemmas about cleaning of leakages from warming oil tanks, contractors focusing on heating oil tanks, as well as the voluntary decommissioning of warming oil tanks.

If you are an existing or possible HOT home owner or an agent and now have questions like:

  • Can there be or ended up being indeed there a HOT with this home?
  • I am attempting to sell home with an existing HOT, exactly what are my duties?
  • I'm selling home with an abandoned HOT, what are my responsibilities?
  • Who is able to we employ to get rid of a HOT?
  • Am I able to do my very own cleaning of a HOT?

If you are a preexisting or potential specialist and now have concerns like:

  • What are the current requirements for contractors focusing on HOTs?
  • Exactly what are the service provider license revival requirements?
  • Does DEQ have actually a good example of a model HOT cleanup report?
  • Where am I able to obtain copies of this legislation and guidelines on HOT cleanups?
  • Which are the certification needs for getting a HOT Tank Services Supervisor?
  • Where may I make the exam to become a HOT Tank providers Supervisor?

HOT Decommissioning and Cleanup Laws and Regulations

Copies of all DEQ laws and principles are also available via the legal guidelines connect towards the top of all DEQ pages.

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