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Home heating oil tank Locks

Improve oil tank security with this particular locking fill limit and body allowing fill things to-be secured, safeguarding high value gas from being taken.

Fits oil tanks with a '2 inch MALE BSP' threaded fill point

  • Very easy to install
  • Built in England
  • Strong aluminium limit with hardened metal locking shoulder
  • Shear bolt for extra safety
  • The most truly effective limit after that lines up with the shoulder locking loss and is guaranteed by a padlock (maybe not provided)

If you should be not sure whether this lock will match your tank kindly seek advice from us first, informing us of your oil container make, design and kind.

Take note: the product is just available for distribution within the UNITED KINGDOM Mainland and Northern Ireland. Delivery is normally between 3 - 5 working days for distribution.

Suitable guidelines:

  1. Simply eliminate the standard 2 inches male BSP fill cap through the fill point-on the oil tank.
  2. Screw the locking human body on the fill point ensuring the seal is made
    between the human anatomy plus the fill point.
  3. Using a 10mm socket, tense up the metal bolt through to the bolt-head
    shears down. Your body happens to be fixed completely into the fill point.
  4. Align the very best cap with all the locking elbow and secure with a padlock - to 7mm dense (perhaps not furnished)

TIP: we advice using a mix padlock to permit your distribution driver accessibility. (simply add your signal towards distribution records)


Q: We have a metal oil tank for my heating oil - will the BoilerJuice Tank Lock fit it?
A: Any metal home heating oil tank which has had a 2 inch screw-on fill point can use the BoilerJuice Tank Lock. You won't fit tanks which have a hinged 4 inches cover.

Q: Can the BoilerJuice Oil Tank Lock be utilized with a plastic oil tank?
A: Plastic tanks should have a standard screw on fill point for tanker motorist to connect to. The BoilerJuice Tank Lock merely screws on the fill point and it is fixed utilizing the shear bolt.

Q: My tank has actually a bund as part of the tank; will the BoilerJuice Oil Tank Lock impact the stuffing associated with the tank?
A: Never. In certain synthetic bunded tanks the BoilerJuice Tank Lock will make it more straightforward to fill as a result of the completing place becoming closer to the bund opening.

Q: what the results are basically forget the PIN quantity of the padlock?
A: The BoilerJuice Tank Lock's padlock combination number can easily be set to whatever quantity you will find easiest to consider. It is advisable to make a note of the PIN number and also to enter it to the delivery records package when you destination your following BoilerJuice purchase. After that, if you're maybe not in the home when the delivery is made, the tanker motorist could have the PIN number printed regarding the distribution paperwork. In addition, the very next time you purchase with BoilerJuice, your distribution notes would be remembered immediately and that means you won't need to recall the PIN each time you order.

Q: My tank has an overfill prevention valve fitted, can the BoilerJuice Tank Lock be suited to it?
A: more tanks are being fitted with overfill avoidance valves to cut back the resulting air pollution. The BoilerJuice Tank Lock is the ideal securing limit to suit to any overfill prevention valve which has had a typical 2 inches BSP bond.

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