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Whether you are selling or buying a home, it is most likely that sooner or later you’ll have questions regarding warming oil tanks. Some crucial issues to take into account:

For buyers

  • Just what do I need to find out about buying property with a heating oil tank?
  • If the homeowner/seller knows of any tank no longer used regarding the home, she or he need to ensure that the container is vacant of oil.
  • The vendor should also give you paperwork that the container is emptied, as explained beneath the "For Sellers" section.
  • Observe that a tank that has only been emptied of oil will not be “decommissioned" (see no. 6 below.)
  • In the event that owner doesn't know if there’s a container regarding residential property, DEQ suggests the buyer hire a qualified specialist to check for just one. Always get owner permission prior to carrying out any search tasks.
  • If a tank is available on property, have actually something supplier verify if this has leaked if either associated with the after tend to be real:
  • The tank is abandoned and has now maybe not already been decommissioned, including earth sampling; or
  • The container is active and has perhaps not already been examined for leaks.
  • The existing owner of the residential property is in charge of any required cleanup regardless if the leak took place before he or she purchased the house. If you buy residential property knowing that a container is present with no work has been done to determine if it's leaked, in addition, you come to be accountable for any leaks discovered in the foreseeable future. You then would need to contact legal counsel for advice in the event that you wished to recover any costs from the prior owner.
  • For Sellers

    1. Exactly what do i must do if my residence uses oil-heat?
    Nothing, if BOTH of listed below are true:
  • The oil tank isn’t leaking or featuresn’t leaked; and
  • You don’t know of any old, abandoned underground heating oil tanks on your property.
  • However, be aware that there was numerous tiny oil spills all over fill pipe when gasoline had been delivered. Or, the tank might have had dilemmas before that you’re unaware of. Remember you are responsible for cleaning any contamination from a leak. DEQ advises you check your container for leaks before listing your property. You may want to give consideration to having a licensed service provider test the soil underneath to ascertain if it has leaked. This service may cost about $200 to $300.

    1. Exactly what do I need to do if my home used to be heated with oil?
    You have to do ALL of the after:
  • Make certain that any abandoned (i.e. unused) warming oil container on the residential property is empty of oil,
  • Offer documents into buyer showing your tank has-been emptied, and
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