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Oil heating cost per month


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Hello all,

We purchased a property at the end of January along with our oil tank filled on January 26. We didn't discover how much oil was in the container, in order that was merely to top it well in the event it had been virtually vacant. We a 275 gallon tank and house is all about 2, 000 sq ft. We only had the boiler efficiency ranked at 80 or 84 - I don't have the report beside me.

I know that automatic distribution is completed by degree days, and we've had a mild winter season, and so I had been amazed once they delivered oil again on February 24. They delivered 143 gallons for a complete price of about $565 ($3.94/gal); and that's only for one month in a mild winter. It will make myself cringe to think what a normal cool cold temperatures will surely cost to heat your house. We actually have a lot of the home set to 62 degrees during the night and in the day when we are not home, and set-to 70 for a few hours in the morning as soon as we're house later in the day.

We now have a gasoline line in the home for appliances, so we would have the option to convert to fuel when we desired to as time goes by.

For anybody who have gas-heat and a similarly-sized house, what has actually your fuel bill been monthly this cold weather? For many with oil, is ~140 gallons/month comparable as what you are actually using? I feel like $560 worth of oil in a mild month is simply way too much, but i've no clue - We never had to fund temperature before.

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We have a 3000 sq base household and every time the oil is delivered its about $650, that is about every 3 months! As you stated its been a warm winter season and our home heating practices are a lot like yours therefore I can only just imagine if it had been truly cold. We'd gasoline in our earlier house that we believe had very poor insulation and had been about 2100 sq ft as well as regarding the coldest winters we never ever keep in mind a monthly fuel bill more than $400. We want to change to fuel although gas line has to be tapped from the road plus the cost is ridicuous but since we plan to maintain your house for quite some time we figure we are able to recoup it in 5 yrs.

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Easily had the free money I'd hop on converting to gasoline right now. Oil costs are awful. Because it's, at this time too many competing things for my discretionary investing.

I wish geothemal had been simpler.

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1800 sqft residence and now we spend $180 four weeks for gas/electricity. Its a set price for the year though, therefore in the summertime we shall pay $180 monthly. After that after the season we spend an extra repayment when we owe. A year ago we didn't owe everything, possibly got a $4 credit or something. 62 starightaway when at the office and around 70 when were home/wake up.

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Why you might never ever, ever before get us to get a home with an oil furnace unless it was at an enormous rebate.

Our home is 2500 sq. ft with good insulation and new house windows...our total gas and electric last month had been $180. We keep it on 67 during the day and 61 through the night, but we now have a central humidifier therefore it seems warmer than that. I do believe the highest combined costs this past year was the high $200 range perhaps?

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