Propane vs

Propane VS oil heating cost

utilizing the rising price of fuel, a propane hot water heater is costly to use.With the rising cost of gasoline, a propane water heater is pricey to work.

Figuring out the yearly working price of a water heater requires consideration associated with the heater's performance as well as the price of the gasoline needed seriously to operate it. Whenever you you will need to compare two liquid heaters which use different fuel resources, the mathematics gets tricky on the go. Whenever you throw-in the escalating cost of propane, an immediate comparison between a propane hot water heater and an electric one becomes difficult to sort out.

Energy Factor

a water heater's Energy Factor is a measure you can make use of to straight compare one heater's energy savings with another's - the greater the vitality Factor quantity, the more efficient the heater - and a heater's Energy Factor rating is a significant indicator associated with unit's general overall operating price. The quantity, which is produced from a test specified by the Department of Energy, considers heat losses inside the heater as well as its piping, plus the heater's ability to move temperature to the water with its tank. Propane liquid heaters routinely have Energy aspects between .5 and .65, while electric heating units have Energy elements around .9. The power Factor doesn't look at the price of gas or electrical energy, so though it's a good first faltering step in determining a heater's working cost, it can not be used by it self examine the operating price of propane and electric heating units.

Recovery Effectiveness

Healing performance, which can be accounted for within the Energy Factor, steps the heater's capacity to warm water quickly. Propane water heaters usually provide a lot higher data recovery effectiveness than electric liquid heating units. This means that a propane heater needs to store less hot water so that up with need, therefore you might need an inferior tank than you would with a power heater. A smaller sized container implies less power dedicated to keeping a large amount of water hot, which means reduced running costs.

Gas and Energy Price

Traditionally, the price of running a propane water heater has actually contrasted favorably to the cost of an electric powered heater despite the electric heater's higher Energy Factor, thanks to the reasonably high price of electricity. At the time of book, propane shortages have driven within the cost of the gas, making a propane heater substantially more costly to use than it's been in past times. Since very early February 2014, the nationwide normal cost of residential propane ended up being $3.89 per gallon.


To calculate the annual working price of a propane water heater, you ought to divide 41, 045 by the heater's Energy Factor and maximize the effect by 365, as well as the gas cost per Uk thermal device. For a heater with a power Factor of .6 and a propane cost of $3.89 per gallon, or $.00004251 per Btu, that actually works off to $1, 061 each year. The calculation for an electrical heater is comparable, except that you replace 41, 045 with 12.03 together with gas price using price of electrical energy per kilowatt/hour. An electric powered heater with an Energy Factor of .9 and an electricity price of $.12 kWh could have a yearly running price of $585.

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