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Home heating oil Removal

In 1987, environmentally friendly coverage Agency rated all Florida counties as having the maximum risk of groundwater air pollution due to the fact aquifer is relatively superficial and permeable. One gallon of oil leaked into the aquifer can pollute whenever one million gallons of groundwater. Warming fuel or oil, like other petroleum items, inadvertently discharged from dripping underground or above-ground domestic tanks is a significant way to obtain groundwater pollution.

The Solid Waste Division offers the removal of home fuel oil liberated to all Volusia County residents. You can help protect your water supply by calling our office today and organizing for the staff to create your tank. Kindly give us a call at:

386-943-7889 in Western Volusia
386-257-6021 when you look at the Daytona seashore location
386-423-3862 in Southeast Volusia

Fast realities

  • Tens of thousands of rusting, deteriorating house fuel oil tanks were kept when you look at the surface in Volusia County, and several home owners are unaware of their particular existence.
  • These tanks frequently tend to be full of 10 to 250 gallons of old home heating oil.
  • One gallon of oil can pollute around one million gallons of liquid.
  • Volusia County’s sound spend Division will pull old home heating oils from houses FREE.

Things to look for in your yard

  • Are there any two pipelines about 6” to 10” apart near your house? They might be beside your temperature pump.
  • Is a component of lawn withering, or tend to be many plants dying within one location?
  • Has actually your specialist found a below-ground tank with pipes cut-off inside lawn?

If so, kindly give us a call for safe removal of oil.

Directions and agreement
Our objective would be to eliminate abandoned home gasoline oil from all known tanks. This work is really so crucial that you the defense of Volusia County’s aquifer and environment, we will take away the oil COMPLIMENTARY.

Once you've determined you'll need gasoline oil taken out of your tank, please phone these figures to schedule a scheduled appointment:

386-943-7889 in Western Volusia
386-257-6021 when you look at the Daytona Beach location
386-423-3862 in Southeast Volusia

You will have to complete an agreement form. Kindly click the website link below, print out the web page, fill it out completely, and fax it to 386-943-7904 or send it to:
Home Fuel Oil Recovery System
3151 E. Ny Ave.
DeLand, FL 32724

Treatment or disposal of tanks

Below-ground tanks

The container is dug up and discarded by an excavating contractor for a cost. This is the most practical method since it is permanent.

If this is perhaps not financially possible, pour a case of Oil Dry or a comparable product in to the container to absorb the oil residue. After that fill the container with sand or soil. This may avoid the container from appearing out of the ground during a major storm and developing a sink hole after the tank decomposes.

A 150-gallon container will demand about 1.25 cubic yards of sand or fill soil.

Never fill the tank with water or any other fluid because the oil will float up-and out from the container. Also, a leak may form, causing the fluid to drip into the floor and create a small sink-hole.

Above-ground tanks
The Tomoka Landfill will accept vacant, cleaned fuel tanks for a nominal fee. One end associated with tank should be totally stop, and holes must be punched in various other end. It is strongly suggested you employ a grease-dissolving broker (eg Dawn) to wash the container.

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