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Home heating oil Delivery

Through three generations and sixty many years Santoro Oil has-been delivering home heating oil into houses of Cranston, Warwick, Cumberland, North Attleboro as well as the sleep of Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. Today's warming oil is on a clean, efficient energy source that can help help our district. Our warming oil is treated with gas additives that help create your heating system perform better and keep going longer.

Santoro Oil has the largest fleets of oil distribution trucks in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts with workplace places in Providence, North Kingstown, Tiverton, and Plainville. With certified and trained CDL drivers we make sure that our drivers are the most useful at whatever they do, delivering oil to your house.

The Evolution of Oilheat

Santoro Oil provides #2 home heating oil with 2-5% Biodiesel more commonly referred to as Bioheat. Bioheat is a brand new business standard for home heating gasoline in which natural USA produced blends tend to be included with old-fashioned home heating gasoline. Bioheat doesn't replace the way your home heating equipment works and needs no extra filters.

Automatic Deliveries

Santoro Oil provides automated deliveries to credit skilled clients. We determine your property's power consumption based upon numerous aspects, particularly, how big is the home, how many folks staying in your home, the age of the home, age the home heating, among others. It will help us make sure that we realize you, your house, plus home heating oil inclinations and can make deliveries when you really need all of them. Last cold temperatures this helped us make prompt deliveries to the customers during the most poor weather.

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