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The flash point of a gas is governed by prescriptive international legislation. For marine users, security Of lifetime At water laws lay out the restrictions that apply to fuel oil and SOLAS II- 2, legislation 4 includes the next statements:

  • Except as usually allowed [by this paragraph], no oil fuel with a flashpoint of under 60ºC will probably be used
  • In emergency generators, oil gas with a flashpoint of no less than 43ºC may be used

Flash Point is the temperature at which vapour is provided down that may ignite when an additional fire is used under standardised circumstances. 

a fuel flash point is defined to reduce fire danger during typical storage and handling. The minimal flash point for fuel in the machinery area of vendor boats and several land-based installments is 60°C. Even when recurring fuels have reached a temperature below their measured flash point, they truly are with the capacity of making light hydrocarbons when you look at the container headspace inducing the vapour structure to be close to, or within, the combustible range.
Testing companies usually quote the flash point of a fuel test as greater than 70°C. When the temperature is below this worth a genuine price is quoted. A low fuel flash point can be indicative of gasoline contamination by a more volatile product. The incidence of a flash point contravening the appropriate necessity is minimal, however it must certanly be appreciated it does happen from time to time.


Flash point of a gasoline sample changes over time. Reasonable flash point fuels should-be separated and managed carefully. The fuel provider and insurance company (Classification community, P&we club, etc) should-be consulted instantly. Debunkering of reduced flash point gasoline may be the only real choice in many conditions.

  • Be very careful of low flash point fuels
  • Never ever consider using crude oils in a motor or gas storage space system
  • Warming temperatures should not be exorbitant. Gas dilution has an important impact on lubricant oil flash point
  • Flame screens on vents must be in great order
  • Tank headspace air flow by low pressure atmosphere purge will reduce build up of volatile mixtures

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