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Gas oil VS fuel oil

Trading Screen Product NameHeating Oil Arb Futures (mt)Trading Screen Hub NameHO 1st Line/LS GO 1st LineContract Symbol


Contract Size

1, 000 metric tonnes

Unit of Trading

Any several of just one, 000 metric tonnes


United States Dollars and dollars

Trading Cost Quotation

One cent ($0.01) per metric tonne

Payment Cost Quotation

One tenth of just one penny ($0.001) per metric tonne

Minimum Cost Fluctuation Last Trading Time

Final working day of agreement thirty days

Floating Price

According of day-to-day settlement, the Floating cost will undoubtedly be decided by ICE utilizing cost information from some resources including place, forward and derivative areas for both physical and financial loans.

Last Settlement Cost

In respIct of final settlement, the Floating cost will be a price in USD and cents per gallon based on the difference between the average of the mean of the settlement prices as made public by ICE for the Heating Oil 1st Line Swap Future and the average of the mean of the settlement prices as made public by ICE for the Low Sulphur Gasoil 1st Line Swap Future for each Business Day in the determination period. Conversion Factor: 1 metric tonne = 312.9 gallons

Contract Series

Up to 48 consecutive months

Last Due Dates

Two Clearing House Company Days following Last Trading Day

Company Days

ICE Business Days

Linked Future


MIC CodeIFEUClearing Venues

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