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Current prices of fuel oil

Many houses and businesses require home heating oil year-round for various different reasons. At Sauder gasoline, we offer this steady heating oil distribution in Lancaster, Lebanon and Berks counties.

The Sauder Fuel team constantly has vehicles on the highway, serving clients with dependable heating oil delivery over summer and winter. Whenever you choose Sauder gasoline, you don’t need to worry about heating oil accessibility. Our vehicles are away, irrespective the street conditions. For additional satisfaction, make the most of our automatic refill program that anticipates and joins your requirements ahead of when you can get into dangerously reduced reserves.

Automatic Refill

With automatic refill, you won't ever have to worry about running out or having to set up a delivery. We track your usage, topping-off and refilling as necessary, making certain you've got the gas you may need.

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  • 300 gal $1.899
  • 500 girl $1.879
  • 750 gal $1.859
  • 1000 gal $1.839
  • 1250 gal $1.819
  • 1500 gal $1.799
  • 2000 gal $1.779

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