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Propane Price Comparison

Natural gas comprises of a few fumes including propane, butane, ethane and mostly comprises of methane. While propane is part of natural gas in its raw condition, it's a hydrocarbon divided from various other fumes at gas handling facilities. The propane that is divided with this procedure is stored and sold to propane dealers for end use by customers. The comparison of propane vs. gas is widely used in applications for cars and residential fuel offer. In addition, while propane is stored as a liquid, natural gas can be stored as liquefied natural gas (LNG), compressed natural gas (CNG) as well as in its uncompressed form, that is just called "natural fuel".

Propane Vs. Gas - Energy Information Comparison

While propane is sold and delivered in gallons, it may quickly be converted to cubic feet, that is exactly how propane is calculated for distribution. The cubic base device of dimension pertains to both propane and propane within their vapor forms. Provided 1 cubic base of propane contains 2, 516 BTU and 1 cubic foot of natural gas contains 1, 030 BTU, it's accurate to state that propane contains over twice the functional power content per cubic base (2.44 times even more). Using these figures to compare the energy values in real-world examples, we are going to make use of a 100, 000 BTU/hr furnace to show the contrast.

  • 100, 000 BTU/hr furnace use about 97 cubic foot of gas (100, 000 ÷ 1, 030 = 97.1) in a single hour
  • 100, 000 BTU/hr furnace use about 40 cubic foot of propane (100, 000 ÷ 2516 = 39.7) in a single hour

In examining the costs of propane vs. propane, the prices of regional energy utilities and propane companies differ and certainly will must be considered for precise comparison. But to obtain the price contrast amongst the two fuels, you have to compare the price of the energy worth that could be gotten through local propane businesses and utility companies. While utility organizations offer cost per cubic base, propane companies supply cost per gallon. Natural gas access will generally see whether or perhaps not propane can be utilized because many municipalities will require the utilization of propane if a company or residence is a certain distance of an all-natural gasoline main range.

Propane Vs. Natural Gas Price Comparison

The cost contrast between propane and gas is much simpler because unlike electricity, propane and propane may be directly in comparison based on their particular individual BTU ranks. Since gas includes more or less 1, 030 BTU per cubic base and propane contains 2, 490 BTU per cubic foot, we could quickly derive each fuel's expense per BTU and compare their particular variations in price to get more realistic amounts.

Let's hypothetically say the cost for propane is $15.00 per 1, 000 cubic feet. Which means $15.00 will buy around 1.03 million BTU's of energy. This could be equivalent to 11.26 gallons of propane. At $2.50 per gallon of propane, gas would be a more inexpensive power answer. Breaking it straight down further, propane has to be a lot more than $28.00 per 1, 000 cubic feet for propane is a far more economical power solution (offered the cost for propane is $2.50 per gallon.

Environmental Impact of Propane Vs. Natural Gas

Propane, whenever discharged in to the environment is a greenhouse gasoline whereas propane isn't categorized therefore. Propane is not harmful or damaging and will not hurt the surroundings when it is released in to the atmosphere, which is why it's not called a greenhouse gasoline. Therefore, while propane will likely not play a role in pollution with its unused condition if introduced, propane will. Propane is a green gasoline before combustion and remains eco-friendly even with it is made use of, as described below.

The emissions contrast of propane vs. natural gas is a reasonably insignificant as a result of cleanliness of each and every gasoline. Propane and propane tend to be both categorized as alternate fuels for cars and both exemplify clean burning characteristics with harmful emissions and toxins at minimal amounts. As a primary power source, natural gas might be utilized as a source for electricity generation while propane isn't. Propane vs. gas is a topic of little discussion in which ecological impact can be involved as they are both eco-friendly fuels.

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