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New Hampshire Propane prices

Available just May 1 thru October 31

This plan allows consumers to lock in rates for your heating period. A hard and fast amount of gallons can be bought at a group cost and will also be brought to your house between September 1st, and April 30th. These gallons are covered at the time the contract is returned to our office which is a set price through the duration of the wintertime.


The protection option enables propane clients to get the retail price upon distribution should it fall below their particular contracted price. The protection choice is on a cents per gallon foundation and needs to be added when contracts start. It may not be included after.


Our hottest program! This plan of action permits consumers to distribute their particular repayments throughout the home heating season while maintaining a limit on a price per gallon. Based on past usage, we determine your gallons and divide payments over 11 months. You can expect to get deliveries in the capped price your contract states between September first and April 30th. This will be our most popular plan because it enables you to disseminate your expenditure over 11 months, but a ceiling in the every gallon cost which you spend. That way you can easily avoid high heating expenses into the wintertime and plan for your home heating expenditure all year, no surprises. There's a per gallon fee become enrolled in this program which allows us to own price limit.


Per person you refer whom becomes a brand new automated shipping Customer with 500 gallons or higher (yearly usage), we're going to provide you with a 10¢ per gallon discount for the whole home heating period! Also, your buddy will receive a 10¢ per gallon discount and! Simply tell us which you referred them. This provide is unlimited, to send as numerous friends as you wish, conserving yet another 10¢ per gallon each time. Make sure to tell your buddies, family relations, and next-door neighbors in regards to the great solution and products you like from Ciardelli Fuel Company.

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