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Current Propane prices in Maine


Biofuels are any commercially produced liquid or gas regularly fire a heating unit and based on green biomass, including farming plants and deposits, forest products and by-products, and separated meals waste. Biofuels can be combined with diesel or other distillate fuels particularly # 2 home heating oil. While the Maine biofuels industry is still little, it offers potential to cultivate with additional understanding and assistance. Biofuels for heating oil have power, financial and environmental advantages. Cleaner heat exchangers advertise better energy efficiency and minimize gasoline burn of boilers and furnaces.

Electric Warming, Temperature Pumps and Thermal Energy Storage

Electrical home heating converts power in electrical energy to heat. Electric opposition heat can be furnished by centralized forced-air electric furnaces or by heating units in each area. Place heating units can contain electric baseboard heating units, electric wall surface heaters, electric radiant-heat, or electric area heaters. Some residential and commercial power customers may be able to benefit from a heating system that stores electric heat during nighttime hours when rates tend to be reduced. This is known as an electric thermal storage space heater. Temperature pumps work with refrigerant to soak up heat through the outside environment. Electrical energy is employed to move the refrigerant and transfer temperature from a single area from another. With respect to the form of temperature pump, they might pull heat through the atmosphere or perhaps the ground. Technology works the same way air conditioners work and certainly will be used to sweet your property very efficiently in the summertime. These methods are made to augment your primary heat origin.

Check with your Maine utility, or Efficiency Maine, for programs for customers to put in a heat pump, thermal energy storage space or any other electric home heating and/or storage space system.

Energy Efficiency & Conservation

Energy efficiency and preservation measures tend to be among the most economical method for decreasing power expenses in residential, commercial and industrial facilities. Listed here are some backlinks to businesses that advertise energy efficiency and/or conduct energy efficiency programs.


Geothermal heat pumps utilize a green resource. In Maine, geothermal temperature pumps utilize underground temperature fairly near to the surface, in the place of deep underground reservoirs. They supply area heating and domestic hot water and cooling to structures, transferring heat from underground to homes in the wintertime and warmth from home into underground during summer. The air conditioning programs is versus that of a refrigerator, which keeps meals cool by drawing temperature through the inside and expelling it outside.

Maine features a highly skilled core of geothermal energy experts and domiciles, schools and commercial buildings throughout Maine are utilizing this technology because of their space heating requirements.

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Maine Propane prices Current
Maine Propane prices Current
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Propane prices in Maine

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