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Concrete: the facts that you should know about its lifting

An important component of the construction of the building is the construction of a reliable, strong and solid foundation. The basis of the structure is the foundation that holds the load of the entire building and proportionally distributes its pressure on the soil. Strength and durability of the constructed building directly depends on the constructed support, giving it immunity to the appearance of cracks, curvature and warping of walls, window frames and door frames. For error-free foundation design, it is necessary to take into account the landscape, soil structure, groundwater, the degree of freezing of the ground layers. However, the main stage is considered to be pouring, and most beginner builders are wondering if it is possible to fill the foundation in parts.

To ensure that the quality of the foundation being erected does not decrease, it is important to correctly determine the intervals and setting time of the mortar from concrete. The setting process of the working mixture includes setting and hardening. The duration of the processes and their parameters depend on the kind of concrete.

Setting of concrete mortar is the initial stage after laying the working mixture. At the stage of concrete lifting, it is important not to touch the flooded surface, so as not to damage the structure and not spoil the setting quality. It will take at least three hours at an ambient temperature of more than 15 degrees Celsius to connect the individual components of the mortar. Learn more information at Mud Dog Jacking to be able to know all the details of this process and, if necessary, ask for help of these specialists.

The upper setting time reaches 24 hours at negative air temperature. Thus, the setting of concrete will be faster at high ambient temperatures.

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