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Natural gas heating cost

Gas-fired pool heating units remain the preferred system for heating swimming pools. Today available brand-new gas-fired heater designs with much higher efficiencies than older designs. Still, dependent on your climate and pool use, they may not be more energy-efficient choice when compared to heat pump and solar power share heating units.

The Way They Work

Gas share heating units use either gas or propane. Whilst the pump circulates the share's liquid, the water attracted from the pool passes through a filter then into heater. The gasoline burns inside heater's burning chamber, generating temperature that transfers into the water that's returned to the share.

They may be best when heating swimming pools for short intervals, and they are ideal for quickly heating pools. Consequently, gas pool heating units can be the ideal choice for swimming pools which are not used on a regular foundation. Unlike temperature pump and solar power share heaters, fuel pool heaters can maintain any desired temperature no matter what the weather or weather.

Selecting A Gasoline Pool Heater

When choosing a gas swimming pool heater, you ought to consider the following:

Sizing A Gas Pool Heater

You need to have an experienced share expert perform a proper sizing evaluation for the particular children's pool to find out pool heater size.

Sizing a fuel share heater involves many aspects. Basically, a heater is sized based on the surface associated with share therefore the difference between the pool plus the average atmosphere temperatures. Other factors also impact the heating load for outdoor pools, such as wind publicity, humidity amounts, and cool night temperatures. For that reason, pools situated in places with greater typical wind speeds within share surface, lower humidity, and cool evenings will require a larger heater.

Gas share heaters tend to be ranked by Btu (Uk thermal unit) production. Outputs range between 75, 000 Btu to 450, 000 Btu.

To determine an estimated heater dimensions for an outdoor pool, follow these steps:

  1. Determine your desired children's pool heat.
  2. Determine the average heat when it comes to coldest thirty days of pool usage.
  3. Subtract the average heat the coldest month through the desired share temperature. This may give you the temperature increase needed.
  4. Determine the pool area in square feet.
  5. Use the following formula to determine the Btu/hour output requirement of the heater:

Pool Area x Temperature increase x 12

This formula will be based upon 1º to 1-1/4ºF temperature rise per hour and a 3-1/2 mile per hour normal wind during the share area. For a 1-1/2ºF increase multiply by 1.5. For a 2ºF rise multiply by 2.0.

Identifying Efficiency of A Gas Pool Heater

New fuel children's pool heaters have actually a typical test they're going right through to figure out their particular energy efficiency based on their particular Btu (British thermal unit) output.

Heater effectiveness may be the ratio of functional result to energy feedback. For example, an 80%-efficient heater makes use of $80 really worth of useful heat for each $100 worth of gasoline. For that reason, it wastes 20per cent of gasoline.

Most gasoline share heating units feature their particular performance percentage on their nameplates. A pool heater's maker may also offer its effectiveness percentage.

Today, you will discover some gas share heating units with 89%–95% performance. The next table shows exactly how much it can save you for virtually any $1, 000 in annual pool home heating expenses by setting up a gas pool heater which is 95per cent effective.

Table 1. Yearly Savings by Gas Pool Heater Efficiency*
Current Htr Eff Cost w/ 95per cent Annual Savings
55% $580 $420
60per cent $630 $370
65percent $685 $315
70percent $735 $265
75% $790 $210
80% $840 $160

*For every $1, 000 in yearly pool heating expenses

Calculating Gasoline Pool Heater Expenses and Savings

The dining table below estimates yearly prices of an using a fuel pool heater for an outdoor children's pool by place, by water heat, in accordance with or without using a pool address.

Table 2. prices of exterior Pool Gas Heating by Location*
Place Period Heat
78° 80° 82°
Miami 1/1–12/31 $2136 $2848 $3600
w/cover 1/1–12/31 $416 $584 $800
Phoenix 3/1–10/31 $1384 $1776 $2216
w/ cover 3/1–10/31 $96 $168 $256
Dallas 4/1–10/31 $1512 $1920 $2456
w/ address 4/1–10/31 $184 $280 $408
Atlanta 4/1–10/31 $1704 $2248 $2880
w/ cover 4/1–10/31 $320 $424 $592
L . A . 5/1–10/31 $1864 $2376 $2904
w/ cover 5/1–10/31 $168 $304 $472
Kansas City 5/1–10/31 $1434 $1872 $2384
w/ address 5/1–10/31 $288 $416 $544
Nyc 5/1–9/30 $1448 $1904 $2384
w/ address 5/1–9/30 $208 $296 $400
Chicago 5/1–9/30 $1621 $2072 $2536
w/ cover 5/1–9/30 $216 $296 $384
Denver 5/1–8/31 $1757 $2120 $2498
w/ address 5/1–8/31 $123 $168 $243
Boston 5/1–8/31 $1712 $2096 $2504
w/ address 5/1–8/31 $232 $328 $461
Minneapolis 6/1–9/30 $1331 $1776 $2176
w/ cover 6/1–9/30 $192 $248 $384
San Francisco 6/1–8/31 $1560 $1856 $2168
w/ cover 6/1–8/31 $192 $320 $472
Seattle 6/1–8/31 $1525 $1784 $2056
w/ address 6/1–8/31 $304 $424 $552

*Figures according to a 1, 000 square-foot, outside pool heated with an 80% efficient gas heater at $.80 per therm and uncovered for 8 hours each day.

If you are replacing a gasoline share heater, you should use listed here formula to find out your annual cost savings with a higher efficiency gas share heater model:

Present Yearly Price x [1 – (Existing Performance ÷ Brand New Effectiveness)]

Installation and repair

Right installation and upkeep of your gasoline share heater can optimize its performance. You need to have a qualified pool professional install the heater as well as do complicated maintenance or repair tasks.

Review your owner's handbook for an upkeep schedule and/or recommendations. You will probably must tune-up your pool heater annually. Additionally, scaling when you look at the burner or temperature exchanger may decrease performance over a period of time.

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