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The Maxol Group is completely Irish-owned and managed because of the McMullan family. The original company – McMullan Bros. Ltd – had been established by William McMullan and licensed in Dublin in 1920. The team has a network of over 230 solution channels and a network of Lubricants suppliers, and had a turnover €640m in 2015. The current Board of Directors comprises maximum, Noel, Malcolm, Thomas and Barry McMullan, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of William. The Group Leader is Brian Donaldson.

Although originally operating only in Northern Ireland, the organization rapidly extended for the island in order to become among largest & most respected family-owned problems in the united states. Approximately, these days, this is the second biggest oil organization regarding the island of Ireland.

The Main Trading Companies

The Maxol Group today providers all main marketplace sections through:

Maxol Limited, The Dublin-based organization that supplies and invests with its community of solution programs in Republic of Ireland.

pic2Maxol Oil Ltd., Based in Belfast Harbour and supplying and investing in its network of solution programs inNorthern Ireland.

Maxol Lubricants Ltd., providing a full range of lubricating oil and associated products to customers throughout the island of Ireland from Maxol’s purpose-built base in Santry, North County Dublin.

Significant Landmarks

– The delivery of William G. McMullan, a Chemist by career, who, along with his brother James, founded, what has transformed into the Maxol Group.

1914 – William became management of Wm. Preston & Co., a wholesale chemist, and persuaded his cousin, James, to come back to Belfast from London and join the firm as a commercial traveller for lamp oil (kerosene).

1916 – The McMullan brothers, William and James, began their very own oil business in Middlepath St., Belfast, from in which they delivered paraffin oil by horse and cart.

pic31918 – The brothers scored their particular very first “coup” by taking Benzol to Northern Ireland instead for petrol, that was rationed because of The Great War.

1919 – William and James, having been rebuffed by Esso, Shell and BP, joined into a supply agreement for petrol for several of Ireland using Anglo-Mexican Oil business (AMOC). Early deliveries with their consumers had been built in 2 gallon cans and conveyed by horse and cart.

– on advice of their lawyers and accounting firms, have been concerned about the fast growth of the company, they licensed a restricted business, McMullan Bros. Ltd., in Dublin.

1921 – “Partition”, the institution of 26 County, independent “Free State”, using the other 6 Northern counties remaining inside the great britain, lead to the organization of an office in Dublin was able by James McMullan. Fast expansion necessitated the orifice of brand new depots generally in most cities through the entire island of Ireland including six depots in Northern Ireland and eleven depots in Republic of Ireland.

1924 – the business’s primary provider AMOC, was absorbed by Shell.

1937 – McMullans became the only Irish agents for Calor petrol and transformed the life of people in families throughout Ireland through provision of bottled fuel for cooking and home heating. The vacant gas bottles were transported back again to Wales for refilling.

1949 – The Northern Ireland Parliament (Stormont) passed a work make it possible for McMullans Ltd to introduce tankers with a 3, 600 gallon ability.

1952 – McMullans terminated its arrangement with Calor and entered into a partnership with Kosangas, an LPG business owned by a Danish family members. This resulted in the establishment of McMullans Kosangas together with improvement the very first LPG bottling flowers in Ireland, positioned in Belfast and Dublin.

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