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FPSOThe US Energy Information management upped its forecasts of average crude oil prices by $1 a barrel and $3 for 2016 and 2017, correspondingly, on Tuesday, with its month-to-month Short-Term Energy Outlook report.

This new predictions state the common cost in 2016 would stay at $43 a barrel and $52 a barrel in 2017. West Tx Intermediate cost would be slight below Brent oil prices in 2016, although two could be equal by 2017, the report stated.

Despite the good predictions, the report indicated concerns regarding the oil market’s high anxiety and volatility.

“For example, EIA’s predicted when it comes to average WTI price in September 2016 of $46/b is highly recommended inside context of Nymex contract values for September 2016 distribution, ” the document read. "These contracts traded through the five-day duration closing June 2 (Market Rates and Uncertainty Report) recommend industry wants WTI costs could consist of $36/b to $69/b (at 95% self-confidence period) in September 2016.”

Regular fuel costs in the United States during summertime are required is six cents greater than the EIA expected final thirty days, but at $2.27 a gallon, the figure would still be 36 dollars below the average price just last year.

On average, the retail price of fuel in every of 2016 will remain at $2.13 a gallon, during 2017, it might equal $2.27 a gallon – just a couple of cents higher than predictions from final thirty days.

Domestic crude oil production will drop in coming years, the report claimed, standing by forecasts from final month. From 9.4 million drums each day in 2015, the rate will decrease to 8.6 million drums a day in 2016 and 8.2 million in 2017.

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