Current price home heating oil per gallon

FLUCTUATING COST: On the day of the oil delivery, you'll be billed the existing market (retail) price per gallon and a price reduction is offered for prompt repayment.

NON-FIXED PRICE BUDGET PLAN: distribute your annual heating gasoline price over 7 to 12 equal monthly payments at approximately cost per gallon. (On the day of your oil distribution, you are billed the present market (retail) cost per gallon.) The amount of months will depend upon your use. You can make a down payment on your spending plan want to lower your monthly obligations. To make sure your plan stays on track; we shall review your bank account sporadically and adjust your payment if required. Budget plans start Summer, July and August.


FIXED PRICE PRE-PAYMENT ARRANGE: Make one repayment in advance for next winter’s heating oil at a hard and fast cost per gallon.

FIXED PRICE BUDGET PLAN: distribute your annual heating gasoline expense over 7 to 12 equal monthly premiums at a hard and fast cost per gallon. The number of months will depend upon your use. You are able to a down repayment in your spending plan plan to reduce your monthly payments. Budget plans begin Summer, July and August.

DOWNSIDE COVERAGE: This protection guarantees that anytime through the extent of your Fixed Cost Plan, if our retail/cash cost on the day of your delivery is gloomier than your fixed cost; could have the cheap – Assured. There clearly was a non-refundable price for coverage however it varies from season to season, we're going to quote it at the beginning of this program. You don't have to get this protection to be involved in this program; but remember, without Downside Protection, if our retail/cash cost should go down – your fixed price wont!


With some of the plans above, you can expect Automatic Payment. Simply join “Auto-Pay” and we will immediately subtract your repayment from your own checking or family savings through electric funds transfer (EFT), or charge your credit card immediately; we accept MasterCard, Discover and Visa.

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