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Heating oil provides a better general price than gas-heat for Connecticut residents. Warming oil means even more hot-water: Oil-fired warm water heating units make faster, cheaper, hotter heated water than gasoline or electric.

Heating oil is safe: Nothing beats the security record of warming oil. Heating oil is not explosive, and inhalation of gasoline oil fumes is not lethal. In addition to this, if you have a system breakdown, an oil-heating system offers tell-tale indications such as smoke, odors if not soot before releasing dangerous quantities of carbon monoxide (CO). Gas home heating methods present no warning of CO manufacturing or launch.

Heating oil is clean: indeed, home heating oil burns off so cleanly that its emissions are not even controlled because of the Federal climate Act, and new fuel formulations are arriving to market that integrate renewable biofuel and super low sulfur home heating oil. A blend of extremely low sulfur heating oil that contains 12 percent biofuel burns with lower emissions than propane.

Warming oil is comfortable: Heating oil creates the hottest flame of every warming gas, heating your house faster, with less fuel, and maintaining your home in the temperature you prefer.

Heating oil payment is straightforward to know: Warming oil consumption is measured in gallons, one thing we all have been acquainted with. You know what you're getting. Gas heat use is assessed in "therms, " a measurement that few individuals comprehend. Gas heat expenses also contain many different mystical and incomprehensible accessories such as for example gas-cost corrections and weather-adjustment conditions, which in fact increase fuel prices when the weather condition is warmer. Heating oil bills tend to be easy, simple and simple to know without any gimmicks.

Warming oil is dependable: it is possible to expect numerous gasoline from both the U.S. Government and Tracey Energy. The United States' Strategic Petroleum Reserve has a capacity of 700 million drums - the whole world's largest crisis heating oil stockpile.

Heating oil means individual solution: we are happy to know our consumers - and their home heating systems - personally. (You'll never get that with the huge gas utility!)

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