LM286 on a fuel oil service train at Blackwater Works

Fuel oil service

Our home heating service plans offer equipment protection oil-fired furnaces, boilers and warm water warming systems. For the boiler and furnace service programs, select from two tiers of protection predicated on your heating requirements and security choice. To find out more or even speak with a representative to determine the correct service program coverage obtainable, please contact us at (610) 485-1356 and we'll be very happy to help you with many home comfort requirements!

Oil Warming Comfort Plan

This comprehensive home heating program includes many important solutions for preserving your gear, protecting you against unplanned restoration prices and supplying satisfaction. This plan includes your annual tune-up, crisis service, and a 15percent discount on components and labor coverage regarding repair works required.

  • Maintain your system running effectively
  • Lower unexpected service telephone calls
  • Save cash on fuel
  • Prolong the life of one's heat

Oil Warming Premier Arrange

Providing much more coverage than our Oil Heating Comfort Arrange, our Premier Arrange includes 100percent coverage for more than 20 commonly changed home heating components! For many parts maybe not included in this “No Charge” Parts & Labor Coverage, you may benefit from a 15% rebate regarding fixes and linked labor.

Water Heating Coverage Plan

Our hot water heater tune-up includes all necessary maintenance practices which means that your warm water heating is efficient for the months for your home’s many water heating requirements such as showers, dish washing, laundry, and much more.

  • Yearly Tune-Up
  • Includes solution for the burner, smoke pipeline, and lubrication of bearing and motors
  • “No Charge” Parts & work Coverage for 10+ Parts
  • 15per cent Rebate on All Parts & Work Maybe Not Covered by Our “No Charge” Parts List

View our Service Plan PDF

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