A Standard Oil of Connecticut

Fuel oil prices in CT

The Capped Oil Price gives customers the safety of knowing their oil price will never go higher than their Cap, but should our daily selling price fall underneath the Cap, consumers will relish the low price. There's a 20-cent per-gallon upfront fee to enter a Capped Oil Price Contract.

Fixed Oil Price Contract:

The secured Oil Price is is for anybody who desires the protection of securing in a cost. With a Fixed Price, you'll never spend any greater for your gas. But, you are taking the possibility which should prices come down, you’re going to be spending the Fixed Price rate—even if it's greater! There is a 10-cent per-gallon upfront fee to get into a Fixed Oil cost Contract.

Everyday Marketplace Rate:

This really is for clients whom prefer to spend the going price for oil. Clients which choose this plan of action recognize that our everyday Market speed will float up or down with energy prices. There's no cost involving this plan of action.

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