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Mass fuel oil prices

untitled-design-62Protect the buying price of your property heating oil against an unpredictable and volatile energy marketplace. Gasoline Services understands there's absolutely no one easiest way to acquire fuel which is the reason why we offer oil price defense for our customers for the Greater Springfield, MA area. We genuinely believe that providing our customers choices is the better way to deliver our customers value. Whatever gas buying process or system you choose, gas Services will there be to you delivering a options. As well as advertise prices programs, gas Services is very happy to provide two different cost security programs.

Price Cap

You can expect top price limit security concept in the marketplace. No one can anticipate with any certainty just how large or how low the cost of oil are over any particular period of time. But what can be done to support and curb your price of gasoline is by using our cost limit system. We could offer a ceiling limit in your price and offer a limitless bottom to simply how much you spend. Therefore, unlike fixed cost programs, you're protected from increasing rates above your ceiling, but whenever the day-to-day rate is below the ceiling – you spend the reduced rate.


With your fixed price program, you'll elect to lock-in the purchase price you pay during the whole system 12 months. You choose the sheer number of gallons you intend to buy and pre-pay at the start of this program. The gallons you purchased are held by us and they are brought to you automatically as you need them for the program season. This choice will protect you against cost increases during heating season. However, it won't give a rebate if cost falls considering that the fuel was contractually bought with this provider during the pre-buy.

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