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Fuel oil Long Island

RomeoNassau and Suffolk Counties oil distribution solution, Romeo’s Fuel, is well regarded with regards to their affordable fuel prices.
However, they've been most likely quite as famous with their organization mascot Romeo. The Barbato family's relief pug is a beloved logo of their friendly customer care and family values. The family-run warming oil business prides itself on same-day delivery and disaster solutions that residents can depend on.

Romeo, the mascot, is older now, but nevertheless a happiness is around. He was adopted because of the Barbato family from a rescue shelter, dealing with two bad sides, one bad leg, and a prosthetic attention. Despite all of these issues, he's brought just happiness towards Barbato household. While Romeo is definitely the company mascot, he's above all an associate for the household. If you see the purple vehicles with this lovable pugs face, you are going to know you can easily rely on fast, trustworthy, and friendly service.

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