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A barrel is a device of amount or fat that is different based which makes use of the word and exactly what it contains...

For instance:

1 barrel (b) of petroleum or associated services and products = 42 gallons

1 barrel of Portland concrete = 376 pounds

1 barrel of flour = 196 pounds

1 barrel of pork or fish = 200 pounds

1 barrel of (U.S.) dry measure = 3.29122 bushels or 4.2104 cubic legs

A barrel may be called a "drum, " but a drum often keeps 55 gallons.

Real products reflect steps of distances, areas, amounts, levels, weights, mass, force, and energy. Various kinds of power are measured by various real products:

  • Barrels or gallons for liquid petroleum fuels (such as for instance gasoline, diesel gasoline, and jet gasoline) and biofuels (ethanol and biodiesel)
  • Cubic legs for propane
  • Tons for coal
  • Kilowatthours for electrical energy

Evaluate different fuels, we must convert the dimensions towards the exact same units.

In the us, Btu, a way of measuring temperature energy, is considered the most popular unit for contrasting fuels. Because energy utilized in different countries comes from various locations, Btu content of fuels varies slightly from country to country.

Btu content of each fuel offered under may be the average heat content for fuels used in the United States in 2015.

Btu content of common energy products

  • 1 barrel (42 gallons) of crude oil = 5, 729, 000 Btu (for U.S.-produced crude oil)
  • 1 gallon of gasoline = 120, 405 Btu
  • 1 gallon of diesel gas = 137, 381 Btu (distillate fuel with less than 15 components per million sulfur content)
  • 1 gallon of warming oil = 138, 500 Btu (distillate gasoline with 15 to 500 parts per million sulfur content)
  • 1 barrel of residual gas oil = 6, 287, 000 Btu
  • 1 cubic base of gas = 1, 032 Btu
  • 1 gallon of propane = 91, 333 Btu
  • 1 brief great deal (2, 000 weight) of coal = 19, 882, 000 Btu
  • 1 kilowatthour of electricity = 3, 412 Btu

Types of changing various energy resources to Btu

Sample 1:

You have got an all-natural fuel furnace at home which used 81, 300 cubic foot of natural gas for home heating last wintertime. Your neighbor has actually a furnace that burns warming oil that used 584 gallons of home heating oil last winter. You are able to convert the propane and home heating oil usage information into Btu to determine which residence utilized more power for heating.

Natural gas: 81, 300 cubic feet (your house)

1, 032 Btu per cubic foot

= 83, 901, 600 Btu

Warming oil: 584 gallons (neighbor's residence)

138, 500 Btu per gallon

= 80, 884, 000 Btu

Outcome: You utilized more power to heat up your house.

Example 2:

You'll need a fresh furnace for your house, and you are researching home heating methods that use natural gas with methods that use warming oil. One factor to take into account may be the cost of the fuels. You'll compare the cost of the fuels on the same foundation by dividing the cost per device of the fuels by the Btu content of this fuels in million Btu per product to get the price in bucks per million Btu.


$10.40 per thousand cubic legs

1.032 million Btu per thousand cubic foot

= $10.08 per million Btu

Heating oil:

$2.70 per gallon

0.1385 million Btu per gallon

= $19.49 per million Btu

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