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Electric house heating

Residential heating is a necessary spending, however with a Steffes electric thermal storage (ETS) heating option spending too-much is not necessary. ETS systems are the alternative to high electricity bills and inefficient home heating systems. In spite of how huge your house or how cold the heat exterior: Steffes gets the perfect residential ETS heating solution to meet your needs.

Area Devices

Non-ducted heating units are made to heat the area or location into that they are placed. Area devices tend to be perfect for brand-new building applications, retrofits or a supplement to an existing heating system.

View Room Unit ETS Systems

Forced Air Furnaces

Centrally ducted furnaces are made to end up being the main heat (required air) for domestic or little commercial applications. They can be made use of as a stand-alone furnace or set up with a heat pump for higher performance and power savings.

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Hydronic Furnaces

This whole home furnace is perfect for any combination of zoned delivery where liquid is employed to circulate heat via vibrant floor systems, baseboard radiation, radiators or even forced air heating with the addition of the Steffes Air Handler.

See Hydronic Furnaces

Energy and Load Management Controls

A few control products are manufactured by Steffes for usage as power and load administration devices or even interface using the ETS systems. These controls are designed to manage if the ETS equipment may charge also get a grip on when power may be used by other devices. The Steffes Power Line Carrier (PLC) manages can significantly lower installation prices of off-peak and load management systems by removing significant wiring and extra prices.

See Burden Control Devices

Advantages of ETS Residential Warming Systems

More attractive good thing about an ETS warming system is significant financial savings. The common homeowner with a Steffes ETS system enjoys a savings of 40 to 70 percent on the annual heating expenses. In dollar form, that compatible the average cost savings of $500 to $2, 000 each year according to residence size and other elements.

Smart home owners understand that a shrewd temporary financial investment pays off as time goes by with long-term benefits. For most homeowners the cost of updating to an ETS system over pays for it self after just a couple years (5-years or less). Beyond these impressive savings, a Steffes heat offers you these great benefits:

  • Great comfort and dependability
  • No routine maintenance
  • The ability to modify your body according to your specific needs
  • And all sorts of another advantages of Off-Peak warming

The reason why You Save Money with ETS Home Heating Techniques

ETS methods are smarter and more efficient than traditional home heating systems. Through the use of high-density porcelain bricks, ETS systems can handle creating and saving temperature during low-cost off-peak hours. On the basis of the settings you select, this stored temperature is dispersed throughout your home or business as needed. So, whilst you could be utilising the most your electrical energy during peak billing hours, you will in fact be paying non-peak billing rates because the power ended up being stored during inexpensive times.

All residential heating methods provided by Steffes need no routine maintenance and have a 5-year restricted parts guarantee. With less maintenance needs, you'll save yourself a lot more money and give a wide berth to the problems that include other heating solutions.

Residential Warming Backed by Steffes Service and Support

Steffes features a lot more than 25 several years of experience with high-efficiency ETS home heating systems. Our friendly customer care and help staff is available to power organizations, dealers and technicians to answer any queries they could have.

“i enjoy this home heating product. It's safe, clean and simple to run. It's efficient and made in the usa! It's replacing a wood pellet stove and I have always been so not lacking the "sooty like dirt" I happened to be always clearing up! So pleased we made the alteration.”

Customer from

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