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Current prices of domestic heating oil

Lyman Real-Time Prices
With all the volatility within the energy areas today, everybody really wants to understand the simplest way to purchase their home heating gas. As it turns out, there's no “best” means. Instead, there are certain choices, each with their very own advantages and trade-offs. Our real time rates resources give you the ultimate option about when to secure a price system that meets your preferences. And since the feed to the cost programs page is live, you'll follow the marketplace if it is upgrading or down! Start after prices simply by hitting the key on navigation bar left, then following the log-in process.

To assist comprehend every one of the choices you can expect also to make the right choices available plus family members, the following is a conclusion of our prices programs

Constant Cap Program: 2015-2016 Home Heating Season

Incorporated with a one-time cost is a "cap", or optimum cost per gallon which will stay in place for the complete season. And because a price cap includes disadvantage defense, if marketplace prices come down versus limit, you’ll pay that reduced price—guaranteed. More information

Current Costs

no. 2 Heating Oil/K1/LP:

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Pre-Pay: 2015-2016 Heating Season
This allows that purchase your entire fuel in advance at a preseason price. Your cost cannot move up or down for the whole year. More information

Adjustable Day-to-day Rate: Money Discount Price
If you prefer not to limit your cost or prebuy at a set price, you are able to simply allow your price float up or down using marketplace. This enables you to definitely take advantage of falling rates. However, you will not have protection from rising fuel expenses. More info

Existing 10 Day

Discount Price:

# 2 Warming Oil/ K1/LP:

SecurePay Plus: 2015-2016 Heating Period
Allowing you cap your cost, obtain the most affordable everyday cash cost and pay your bills monthly in place of all at one time when you are getting a distribution. More information

Enrollment Open 1 May

*Please note that the prices quoted above aren't Lyman Real-Time costs; you have to sign-in to My Account regarding the left to gain access to real time prices. Maybe not an ongoing buyer? Not a problem - just call our workplace for directions on how to accessibility real time pricing on our site.

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