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PORTLAND, Maine — The statewide average cost for a gallon of heating oil in Maine hit $2 the other day, dropping 5 cents during the last fourteen days towards lowest price in 10 years.

The Governor’s Energy Office stated with its latest prices survey that home heating fuels, including No. 2 home heating oil, propane and kerosene, have reached in regards to the most affordable amounts recently.

The power workplace has actually tracked home heating oil since 2004, propane since 2010 and kerosene since 2009.

“These are some of the least expensive home heating fuel prices Maine has actually skilled currently of year, ” the vitality company said in its latest study.

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More or less 60 percent of Maine domiciles utilize #2 oil for winter heating.

Crude oil costs are the main element in the drop in home heating fuel costs in 2010, with U.S. and European standard rates at around $40 per barrel, or fewer than half of high costs hit-in the summertime of 2014.

Became typical devices of energy, heating oil was less expensive than the statewide average price for many other fuels except cordwood, though these types of reviews make presumptions on how much energy a home heating can produce from that gasoline.

“Fuel-only costs are just the main calculation whenever deciding which gas can save you much more this heating period, ” the power workplace stated. “The particular home heating, including its efficiency, needs to be factored to the estimate.”

Statewide, the highest price for #2 oil ended up being taped in the east area of the state, at $2.34 per gallon Monday, Nov. 23. The best cost of $1.66 per gallon had been recorded in every although main area of the state.

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