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Retail heating oil prices

The domestic pricing information collected on heating oil and propane costs are the Winter warming Fuels study. The goal of this study is collect costs for these fuels since they are useful for heating reasons. When it comes to functions of this survey, winter months home heating season extends from October through March. However, EIA does publish place prices for heating oil and propane throughout the year. Besides, some State Energy Offices gather these data independent with this survey.

Q2: i will be being charged over hawaii average by my home heating gasoline provider. Have always been we a victim of price-gouging?

There are lots of factors that influence heating fuel prices, like the volume quantity delivered, the method and frequency of delivery, as well as the location of the supplier in accordance with their particular supply for fuel as well as the consumer. These aspects can vary commonly because of the size or infrastructure of certain State. In the event that State average doesn't align with all the cost you will be having to pay, you'll nevertheless use the information to look for styles in heating fuel prices in your area.

Some domestic consumers will undoubtedly be charged a lot more than the common, although some would be recharged less. It is vital to be the best customer, and we also hope your information help in this regard. If you should be concerned about the costs you will be being charged, make sure to call various other neighborhood vendors, or check in along with your State Energy workplace.

Q3: just what advantage performs this review provide?

The Winter Heating Fuels Telephone survey arose out of the need for Congress to monitor heating fuel prices during especially cold winters and supply disruptions, such as those that occurred during the Gulf War in the early 1990s or more recently during the propane shortage which occurred during the winter of 2014. The rise of heating costs attributed to these events can have serious impacts on the cost of living for residents that rely on these fuels as their main source of heat.

Their state Energy organizations that collaborate using the U.S. Energy Information Administration to conduct this review additionally use the aggregated information observe the home heating fuel areas within their says as well as to build up and maintain programs which offer economic help for heating costs to low-income residents.

These data are usually accessed by domestic customers of heating gasoline as a way to monitor styles in home heating fuel costs inside their condition.

Q4: How tend to be rates of # 2 Distillate affected by the cost changes of crude oil?

There was a commitment between the price of No. 2 Distillate plus the price of crude oil. But this commitment is not always straightforward. Since # 2 Distillate is a crude oil item, it must be refined and distributed prior to it being ready for sale, resulting in differences in the styles for the two prices. Wholesale spot costs of heating oil will be more closely pertaining to crude oil prices, since they frequently usually do not account for regional market circumstances or circulation costs. But in case of a cold winter months whenever heating oil supply is low, the cost for the domestic home heating oil on customer may increase despite a decrease in the current place price for crude oil.

Q5: Why does the cost of home heating gasoline constantly look like plenty higher within the Northeast compared to the Midwest?

There are certain reasons why heating fuel costs differ in a single an element of the nation versus another. Many local market problems element into heating fuel costs. For example, there might be even more retailers in one single marketplace compared to another with greater competitors, reduced costs available in the market with additional merchants, or even the typical delivery volumes is various with lower costs charged for greater distribution amounts.

One important factor affecting retail home heating gas materials may be the distribution alternatives for carrying the products to a given region. Some areas count on some circulation roads to supply all of the heating fuel on region, meaning products are restricted to ability. Regional factors affecting home heating fuel supplies perform a significant role in identifying cost variations for customers in Northeast and Midwest.

Q6: Why are heating oil and propane price data maybe not collected for any other says?

The survey was developed to collect information the States utilizing heating oil and propane as their main way to obtain domestic heating during the cold winter months. As shown within 2011 article, many home heating oil and propane consumed for home heating reasons is in the Northeast and Midwest of nation.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration strives to generate value by providing timely and accurate information to the public. If you should be enthusiastic about having your condition added to this survey, please contact the research Manager, Marcela Rourk at Your input will undoubtedly be taken into consideration in determining the future of the survey.

Besides, you might want to determine if the State Energy Office gathers these data independent with this survey.

Q7: the reason why had been 14 states included with the review in 2014?

For the first time since 1994, States had been put into the study responding to your propane supply shortage and razor-sharp increases in propane rates throughout the US throughout the 2013-2014 winter home heating season. State Energy organizations in most states are welcomed to take part in residential propane cost data collection within the State warming Oil and Propane system.

Q8: What makes wholesale costs perhaps not reported in certain states in which residential prices are reported?

EIA publishes wholesale charges for heating oil and propane calculated from Oil cost Suggestions Service (OPIS). OPIS collects these types of data at the town degree, many says lack an acceptable number of locations in the OPIS survey to determine a statewide average.

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