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Heating oil market Price

Trading Screen Product NameHeating Oil FuturesTrading Screen Hub NameNYHContract Symbol

Trading HoursUK Hours* - Open: 01:00 (23:00 on Sundays), Close: 23:00.
EST Hours* - start: 20:00 (18:00 on Sundays), Close: 18:00 the following day.
CST Hours* – Open: 19:00 (17:00 on Sundays), Close: 17:00 these time.
Singapore Hours– Open: 09:00 (07:00 on Mondays), Close: 07:00 here day.

*An Exchange Circular will be issued prior to great britain switch from GMT to BST and a further United States switch to and from DST to confirm the changed marketplace orifice and closing times

Contract Size

1, 000 barrels

Devices of Trading

Any several of just one, 000 drums


US Dollars and cents

Trading Price

One hundredth of just one cent ($0.0001) per gallon

Payment Cost Minimal Cost Flux Optimum Cost Flux

There aren't any limitations.


The Clearing home ensures financial overall performance of ICE Futures agreements licensed along with it by its clearing users. All ICE Futures Member organizations are either people in the Clearing home or have a clearing agreement with a part that is a part for the Clearing House

Contract Series

Around 50 consecutive months

Position LimitsThe Exchange may impose position accountability levels or limits on opportunities in this contract at its discretion as offered in Rules P3 and P8 correspondingly.

Current position responsibility levels: In any one month: 5, 000 web futures. All months: 7, 000 web futures.

Current place limits: 1, 000 lots during the last 3 trading days of the expiring thirty days.

Exemptions from place limits can be issued at Exchange discretion for real hedge jobs

Final Trading Day

Trading shall cease at the conclusion of the designated settlement period regarding the penultimate US business day of the month preceding the delivery thirty days in which an United States working day is per day on which NYMEX is exposed for business

SettlementThe warming Oil Futures Contract is cash settled resistant to the prevailing market price for warming Oil in New York Harbor.

The bucks settlement cost in United States Dollars and cents per Gallon is equivalent to the penultimate settlement cost for brand new York Harbor ULSD warming Oil Futures Contract as made public by NYMEX when it comes to thirty days of manufacturing as specified inside the relevant agreement guidelines by reference to the 2005 ISDA Commodity Definitions.

Connected Future


Business Times

ICE Business Days

MIC CodeIFEUClearing Venues

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