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Home Heating Oil Valley Energy CTAs a number one neighborhood provider of home convenience solutions in Connecticut’s Litchfield and Hartford Counties, Valley energy sources are really alert to increasing energy costs additionally the burden that they can place on our customers. As well, we understand that not every one of our consumers are prepared or capable upgrade, renovate or transform their property home heating methods to work well with more recent energy options.

Whether you’re thinking about upgrading your furnace, incorporating an innovative new alternative power system or simply looking to fill up on gasoline for the winter season, Valley Energy’s experienced specialists and home energy audits can fill your container and help you discover best mix of power services. Most of all, we are able to assist you to conserve power and maintain your month-to-month expenses low.

The reason why choose Valley Energy for the home heating oil requirements?

Below are a few ways that Valley Energy can help you decide how heating oil can squeeze into your current house power program — now plus the long term.

  • Competitive prices – Valley Energy offers advanced heating oil at competitive prices.
  • Distribution options – you can expect both automated and will-call delivery for both oil and propane.
  • Regional solution and support – we provide gear maintenance plans, brand-new installations, price protection programs and repayment choices.
  • Emergency coverage – We shield our consumers with 24-hour disaster coverage, 365 times annually with this own licensed solution technicians.
  • UltraGuard™ – We treat our oil with UltraGuard, the most advanced additive available for heating oil, to protect your equipment and keep it clean. Your tank lasts longer, and your heating system performs more reliably.

Warming oil benefits

Many of our customers will continue to rely on home heating oil, propane and natural gas as a significant part of their property heating systems. Below are a few reasoned explanations why warming oil can be a better option for your property than propane or other options.

  • Warming oil is affordable and efficient. Oil-heat systems are far more efficient than gas, propane, lumber or electricity. Heating oil creates a hotter fire than propane, so it heats your property along with your heated water in a shorter time. What this means is reduced home heating expenses monthly.
  • Heating oil is safe. Unlike gas, that is extremely volatile, heating oil is hard to unintentionally light on fire. If you decide to drop a lit match in a bucket of warming oil, the fire would go out.
  • Home heating oil burns off cleanly. In the event that you notice soot or a smell, it’s almost always because poorly managed equipment. In addition, warming oil furnaces pose little or no danger of carbon monoxide poisoning: gear in poor adequate problem to create carbon monoxide usually won’t run.
  • Warming oil provides dependable supply. As with every petroleum product, warming oil prices go up and down with regards to the cost of crude oil alongside dilemmas. But since there are a large number of oil-producing countries, america does not rely on anyone area or international country for the offer. In fact, more than 40percent of your crude oil originates from america. Also, the world’s total proven reserves of crude oil tend to be about 10percent more than these were in 1980.
  • Warming oil furnace methods go longer. With proper interest and our UltraGuard-treated home heating oil, warming oil systems usually final three decades or even more, compared to 15 for average fuel furnace
  • Environmental advantages of heating oil. In terms of overall emissions, heating oil is cleaner than natural gas and getting even “greener” every year through modern improvements.
  • Warming oil is versatile. Today’s home heating oil systems can warm with liquid, vapor, heated air, or “hydro-air”, which makes use of liquid and heated air. Home heating oil systems provides both cooling and heating. They are able to be fitted with air-cleaning gear and humidifiers.

Request heating oil delivery

To request home heating oil or propane delivery in Connecticut and for additional information, be sure to contact us today. Our knowledgeable and experienced customer support and solution staff are pleased to setup your service and solution all questions. With your reputation for uninterrupted solution and regional customer care and help, Valley Energy can make sure you’ll never come to an end of warming oil.

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