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Significantly more than 20, 000 high performance ductless heat pumps being put in in Maine houses and organizations in past times three years. Term is dispersing quickly how this interesting brand-new technology is able to extract temperature from outside atmosphere (even when it is very cold) and provide heat power into homes. You can find over 400 Registered Vendors actively setting up units all over condition who will be acquainted with the best performing models in addition to our rebate procedure. Heat pumps can be part of larger residence energy updates that qualify for around $5, 000 in incentives.

Performance Maine provides domestic rebates through Residence Energy Savings plan on installing of qualified high effectiveness heat pumps. Follow this link for Eligibility Criteria and products. Other important forms through the HESP Rebate Claim Form plus the temperature Pump Installation Checklist which needs to be posted utilizing the claim kind and a paid charge.

$500 rebates can be obtained toward installing of ductless heat pumps offering a single or first zone of heating at home. Another rebate of $250 can be obtained for ductless temperature pump installments offering an extra area of heating at home. The combination of those rebates can be received with either several single indoor unit systems or with an individual bigger system set up with multiple interior blower products and completed on or after 9/14/16. Temperature pump rebates require heat pumps that meet minimum performance requirements and are also put in by a Registered Vendor.

Go through the movie below to see a Ductless Heat Pump Case Study in Presque Isle:

Taking Action

  1. Get incentives and funding for power updates – Click on this link to find out about financial loans and incentives for jobs offering energy assessments, atmosphere sealing, insulation, temperature pumps and much more.

Discover more information about this exciting technology below:

Long utilized for cooling in cozy climates, heat pumps are now among fastest developing technologies for ultra-efficient home heating in cool climates. Versus create temperature from burning or electric weight, heat pumps extract temperature from external atmosphere or even the floor and deliver it indoors as needed. This technique is a far more cost-effective way to heat up than many mainstream methods. In the summertime, temperature pumps can reverse and work as air conditioners, air conditioning indoors and rejecting temperature exterior.

View this movie to learn more about temperature pumps.

Heat Pump Exterior Heat pumps generally speaking belong to two categories:

  1. Air-source temperature pumps draw heat from a patio product and deliver it indoors. In the summertime, they reverse and act as high-efficiency air conditioning units.
    A. Ductless heat pumps get one outdoor product attached to one or more interior products with tiny copper outlines. They are probably the most efficient air-source systems and are also frequently set up in houses and offices to supplement present systems, usually inside most regularly used rooms like household rooms or rooms. During the period of an average Maine winter season, these units can provide significantly more than three products of heat for every product of electricity made use of.
    B. Ducted temperature pumps have a patio unit connected to a building’s ductwork. Like ductless temperature pumps, ducted heat pumps can both temperature and cool structures.
  2. Ground-source heat pumps or “geothermal” temperature pumps draw heat from the earth or groundwater and transfer it to a ducted environment circulation system or radiators. Ground-source heat pumps are generally more cost-effective and much more expensive than air-source heat pumps.


  1. Affordable heat – The cost of warming with a temperature pump resembles home heating with natural gas or lumber. This can be typically one half the price of heating with oil, kerosene, electric baseboard or propane. Follow this link evaluate heating costs of various home heating methods.
  2. Affordable ac – Today’s most readily useful heat pumps tend to be twice as efficient as typical ac units.
  3. Comfort – With advances in settings, temperature pumps can maintain really continual temperatures.
  4. Safety – Because heat pumps tend to be electrically driven, there is no chance of combustion gasoline leaks.
  5. Quality of air – Heat pumps filter air as they heat/cool/dehumidify it.


  1. Winter overall performance – As outside conditions fall, therefore does the performance of an air-source temperature pump. For instance, a product that provides four devices of heat for almost any device of electricity at 50°F, may only deliver two devices of heat for each unit of electrical energy at conditions below zero. Discover proof of greatest overall performance devices operating and supplying temperature also below -15 °F in Presque Isle but if the temperature drops reduced enough, the device may turn down totally. This is exactly why, property owners may want to hold existing heating systems in position to act as a second back-up whenever outside atmosphere conditions have become reasonable.

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