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Average kerosene prices

Trading Screen Item NameJet Fuel FuturesTrading Screen Hub NameSing KeroContract Representation


Hedge Instrument

The delta hedge the Singapore Jet Kerosene (Platts) typical cost choice is the Singapore Jet Kerosene Swap upcoming (SRS)

Contract Size

1, 000 United States Barrels

Products of Trading

Any multiple of just one, 000 drums


United States Dollars and cents

Settlement Price

One penny ($0.01) per barrel

Minimal Cost Flux

One tenth of just one cent ($0.001) per barrel

Last Trading Day

Last Trading day's the contract month

Choice Type

Choices are average priced and will also be immediately exercised to the Singapore Jet Kerosene Swap upcoming regarding the expiry day if they are "in the money". The Swap Future resulting from exercise straight away goes to cash settlement relieving market members of this should concern on their own with liquidation or exercise issues. If an option is "out for the money" it will probably expire immediately. It is not permitted to exercise the option on any other day or in any other circumstances than the Last Trading Day. No handbook workout is allowed.

Alternative Premium / Frequent Margin

The Singapore Jet Kerosene (Platts) typical Price choice is a premium-paid-upfront alternative. The traded advanced will therefore be debited because of the Clearing House from Buyer and credited towards Seller in the early morning of working day following day of trade. People that long premium-paid-upfront choices will receive a Net Liquidating Value (NLV) credit to the value of the premium that is after that familiar with counterbalance the initial margin necessity streaming from both these choices and opportunities in other power contracts. Users who will be brief premium-paid-upfront choices will receive an NLV debit in addition to their preliminary margin necessity. NLV is determined day-to-day with reference to the settlement cost of the possibility.

Expiry16:30 Singapore Time.

Automated exercise options tend to be pre-set to exercise agreements that are one minimum price fluctuation or more "in the amount of money" with reference to the relevant guide cost. People cannot override automatic exercise configurations or manually enter exercise instructions because of this contract.

The reference cost will undoubtedly be a cost in USD and dollars per barrel equal to the arithmetic average for the settlement rates of Singapore Jet Kerosene Swap Future the contract month. Whenever exercised against, the Clearing home, at its discretion, selects vendors against which to work out on a pro-rata foundation.

Strike Price Periods

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