Image from page 157 of Advances in marine environmental research : proceedings of a symposium (1979

No. 2 fuel oil

Graduate class of Oceanography, Marine Ecosystems analysis Laboratory, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, Rhode Island 02881, American


No. 2 gas oil-sea water dispersions were put into three large scale (13 m3) microcosms twice weekly for a 512 month duration in 1977 and a 4 month period in 1978. Liquid column concentration of total hydrocarbons averaged 190 μg litre−1 in 1977 and 93 μg litre−1 in 1978. A number of answers of t the phytoplankton community when you look at the oiled microcosms, in accordance with control microcosms, were similar during both times of oil inclusion: complete phytoplankton abundance and chlorophyll focus were increased, types diversity had been greater and diatoms represented a larger percentage associated with the complete p phytoplankton variety than flagellates during 4 months of oil inclusion in 1977 as well as the whole amount of oil addition in 1978. Phytoplankton types composition when you look at the oiled microcosms was like the resource water, Narragansett Bay, however the microcosm assemblages were numerically ruled by communities of diatom Chaetoceros spp. and nanoflagellates in 1977 and lots of Chaetoceros spp. in 1978. Paid down predation pressure and modified herbivore feeding behavior combined with the low-level, non-lethal (towards most of phytoplankton populations), levels of No. 2 gasoline oil into the liquid column are postulated as mechanisms that will take into account the increased phytoplankton variety in oiled microcosms relative to the settings.

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