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Wal-MartI’ve gotten plenty of questions regarding the fat and value for vegetable oil, (specially bulk veggie oil), corn oil, and so on, therefore I’ve chose to put a bit more effort into the research and set the figures. In order to get the widest array of material, We took a trip to my local Wal-Mart to take some measurements.

This post details the price and weight by amount of volume veggie and corn oil (our primary subject matter) along with the price and body weight by level of engine oil and fuel.

Since I’m taking most of the measurements in-store we don’t have the advantageous asset of being able to gauge the liquid by itself, or to consider the bare containers for guide. As an alternative these numbers tend to be designed to provide veggie-oil gasoline enthusiasts a ballpark figure for purchasing gasoline from their particular local superstore.

Initial end regarding tour ended up being the sporting goods part in which we obtained a five pound fat and a 25 lb fish scale. We utilized the extra weight to calibrate both produce scale and fish scale before you take any measurements. By way of Emma for helping on!

With tools in hand we headed up to the automotive part to grab some motor oil and a one gallon gas can. I grabbed a one quart bottle of Havoline 5W30 and a five quart jug of the identical.

Calibrating the Fish ScaleHavoline 5W30 1 quart

Next, I moved to the meals area of the store and selected a one gallon jug of good Value brand veggie oil and a-1 gallon container of corn oil.

Bulk Vegetable Oil 1 gallon $4.57/unit $4.57/gallon
Bulk Corn Oil $4.96/unit $4.96/gallon

CWP Veggie Oil 48oz 1 Quart of Havoline 5w30.68/unit

A few of these I took over to the produce area and weighed them individually – once more utilising the 5 pound. weight to guarantee the machines were accurate.

Items Amount Complete Ounces Weight of a gallon
Vegetable Oil 8 weight 128 ounces 8lbs
Corn Oil
Engine Oil 5 quarts 9 weight, 7 ounces 151 ounces 7.55lbs
1 pound, 15 ounces 31 ounces 7.75lbs

After leaving Walmart we went along to their fuel section with my 1 gallon fuel can. Making use of the fish scale, I was capable measure the gas can both empty and full.

Empty Petrol Can 13 oz
Gasoline may with 1.046 gallons 7 lbs, 3 oz (115 ounces)
One Gallon of Petrol weighs 6.10 weight (97.52 ounces)
5 Quart of Havoline 5w30 One Gallon of Vegetable Oil One Gallon of Corn Oil CWP 48 Ounce Vegetable Oil

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