Fuel oil for home heating

no. 2 Home Heating Oil

number 2 home heating Oil is our most popular product for heating oil and is the conventional gasoline for most oil heating methods. #2 home heating Oil is not at the mercy of such a strict refinement procedure as Kerosene, therefore it is ideal for storage tanks which can be located indoors or protected from the elements, because if kept outside it's going to gel in colder conditions. #2 Heating Oil produces much more BTU's than Kerosene and it is a less expensive alternative per gallon. (Understanding a BTU?)

Blended Heating Fuel

Blended Heating gas is a substitute for right Kerosene in situations where in actuality the storage space container isn't indoors or totally protected from elements, but additionally is certainly not completely safeguarded from slightly cold temperatures. Blended Heating Fuel is a mix of 50per cent Kerosene and 50percent no. 2 home heating Oil. This blend of fuels creates a variation of home heating oil that is a cross involving the two that can withstand a little cooler temperatures. The product is generally somewhat less costly than straight Kerosene while making a little reduced BTU's. (what exactly is a BTU?)


Kerosene may be the cleanest heating gasoline that we supply. The grade of the fuel is derived from the sophistication process where impurities tend to be eliminated. For this reason sophistication procedure, Kerosene is superb for tanks which are free-standing outdoors or in a location where container is confronted with sun and rain given that it resists gelling (a state once the gasoline becomes therefore cold that it converts dense and therefore hard to move across plumbing work). Kerosene gas produces less BTU's than number 2 Heating Oil. (what's a BTU?)

Indoor Warming Oil Tank Inspections

We're today requiring all interior heating oil, combined gas, and kerosene tanks to-be aesthetically examined for leaks or harm that could end up in harm or prospective problems for the residence or property. For present customers we are going to check your tank during one of the first deliveries at your convenience starting in July of 2015. For brand new customers we're going to should check your container before we are able to provide fuel for the first time. (Find Out More)

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