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A furnace system is incredibly crucial that you any home, however all sorts of furnace meets all sorts of residence. Furnaces vary based on cost, effectiveness, dimensions, along with other features. Continue reading to find which for the four most common forms of furnaces (oil, propane, electric, and natural gas) is most beneficial for your home.

When examining the sorts of furnaces, we'll think about all of them for a standard 2000 sq ft residence.


Even though they are among the priciest to operate, electric furnaces may also be several of the most preferred because they're trustworthy, clean, and safe. For a 2000 sq ft home, the common cost of an installed electric-fired furnace drops into the $2000-$4000 range.

Propane 1 furnaces aren't as common, nevertheless they is installed and operate any place in the country. The reasonably reasonable general expense means they are a great selection for budget property owners in every places. For a 2000 sq ft home, an installed Propane 1 furnace averages 00-00.


Oil-fired furnaces tend to be a well known alternative in areas having limited access to natural gas. They offer property owners self-reliance from fuel and electric organizations while nevertheless offering efficient heat. For a 2000 sq ft house, the common price of an installed oil furnace drops into the 00-00 range.

Natural Gas

Propane is the most common variety of heat. It is efficient, your house needs to be on a gas range to access the fuel, rendering it less advantageous in outlying areas. For a 2000 sq ft residence, an installed furnace averages $5000-$7000.

Enhancement and improvement costs

  • Extra features may decrease your monthly energy costs, nevertheless they have a tendency to price even more as soon as the furnace is bought and installed. Popular functions feature variable-speed blowers 2 that move atmosphere slower when less temperature is needed and variable heat production that automatically adjusts the warmth result. Additional features can truly add $500-$800 towards furnace price.
  • Extra furnace components that produce your home safer plus comfortable, like a HEPA air cleanser or humidifier, are added to a standard furnace. These functions improve air quality and breathability but will definitely cost an additional $400-$800 per item and will be more difficult to coordinate with oil furnaces than with propane or Propane 1 furnaces. In the event that you add an air cleaner and humidifier towards furnace, add an extra $1000 to your budgeted prices.
  • High-efficiency and Energy Star-approved furnaces of most kinds might qualified to receive income tax credits. Talk to an heating, ventilating, and ac (HVAC) expert or contractor for certain details.

Additional considerations and expenses

  • Electric furnaces have the least expensive upfront cost, but have higher heating costs and monthly bills. Electric furnaces are also extremely efficient, with an Annual gas Utilization effectiveness score of close to 100%.
  • Propane 1 furnaces are relatively cheap to put in and keep.
  • Oil-fired furnaces have actually a decreased upfront cost, but can be more expensive to steadfastly keep up.
  • Natural gas furnaces are expensive to install, but relatively inexpensive to maintain.

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