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Fuel oil flash point

The flash point is a sign of how effortless a chemical may burn. Materials with greater flash things tend to be less combustible or dangerous than chemical compounds with lower flash things.

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Some fuels and their particular flash points at atmospheric pressure:

Fuel Flash Point
(concerning) Acetaldehyde -36 Acetone 0 Benzene 12 Biodiesel 266 Carbon Disulfide -22 Diesel Fuel (1-D) 100 Diesel Fuel (2-D) 126 Diesel Fuel (4-D) 130 Ethyl Alcohol, Ethanol 63 Fuels Oil No.1 100 - 162 Fuels Oil No.2 126 - 204 Fuels Oil No.4 142 - 240 Fuels Oil No.5 Lite 156 - 336 Fuels Oil No.5 Heavy 160 - 250 Fuels Oil No.6 150 Gas -45 Gear oil 375 - 580 Iso-Butane -117 Iso-Pentane less than -60 Iso-Octane 10 Jet gasoline (A/A-1) 100 - 150 Kerosene 100 - 162 Methyl Liquor 52 Motor oil 420 - 485 n-Butane -76 n-Pentane under -40 n-Hexane -7 n-Heptane 25 n-Octane 56 Naphthalene 174 NeoHexane -54 Propane -156 Styrene 90 Toluene 40 Xylene

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