Domestic Fuel Oil

Domestic fuel oil

The maximum procedure of warming systems has reached the core of our concerns when formulating ingredients for domestic gasoline oil. Our item range was created to improve the combustion properties of fuel natural oils of various beginnings and compositions.
The growing utilization of substances of biological origin (fatty acid methyl esters or FAMEs) inside production of domestic fuels can lead to malfunctioning as a result of the storage space or use of the product:

  • Pre-use fuel oil storage space times are, normally, more than those of fuels
  • This product are confronted with substantial changes in temperature (outdoor tanks).

These circumstances tend to speed up item aging. The resulting development of insoluble gum tissue or build up may change if not stop boiler procedure.

Our know-how, adapted to any or all boiler and burner types, provides the next advantages:

1.Optimised combustion yield

  • Reduction of over-consumption by stopping deposit formation
  • Maintenance of good burning stability
  • Control over soot emissions

2.Controlled ageing

  • Extension of storage space time
  • Considerable decrease in sediment development, therefore protecting the center from filter and pump blocking
  • Maintenance of yield

3.Corrosion prevention

  • Cover of the whole feed system from deterioration
  • Increased facility reliability

4.Improved cold operability

  • Prevention of dangers of filter and pre-filter clogging
  • Improved cold properties of gas oils
  • Increased reliability of feed methods

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